Inner Force

With seismologist & volcanologist Marino Protti
Wimblu's podcast engages in conversations with natural science professionals to explore the intersections between science, philosophy, art, spirituality, and more.
In this episode we interview seismologist and volcanologist Marino Protti Quesada, who is the director of the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica. There, Protti has dedicated almost 40 years to research, focusing mainly on the study of plate tectonics and of subduction processes that generate large earthquakes.

With his fascinating explanations of the Earth's internal dynamics, Marino reminds us that we live on an active planet, whose cycles and temporalities vastly exceed our human history. Shifting between planetary and personal scales, this episode speaks of that which moves us and of the unfathomable mystery that drives the scientific endeavor.

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Production & Editing 
Alessandra Baltodano & Diego Ezpeleta

Alessandra Baltodano & Carolina Bello

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Diego Ezpeleta 

Raquel Bello May

2023. Costa Rica 

Published on June, 2023 
Volume 7, Issue 7
N.8 - TEXT


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