Who inhabits whom?

with microbiologist Marisa Victoria

Wimblu's podcast engages in conversations with natural science professionals to explore the intersections between science, philosophy, art, spirituality, and more.

¿Who inhabits whom?
¿Who inhabits whom?

Marisa Victoria is a microbiologist and clinical chemist. Her path has included music, science, diversity activism, and more recently, scientific communication.


We spoke with her about the fascinating world of microorganisms, about our vital relationship to them and about how much they can teach us about the importance of diversity for human and planetary health.

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Production and Editing

Alessandra Baltodano & Diego Ezpeleta


Sound mix and Music

Diego Ezpeleta



Adaptation from Ernst Haeckel's illustrations


2020. Costa Rica & Estonia


Published July, 2020

Volume 3, Number 6



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