Online Workshop: Nature Telling Stories

10 April, 2024

This May, we bring you a new edition of the online workshop  Nature Telling Stories (in spanish), an original proposal by Wimblu focused on creative documentary and spiritual ecology. The objective of the workshop is to provide spaces, exercises and tools to explore the language of non-fiction to tell stories at the intersections of ecology, culture and spirituality.

The workshop will combine theory and practice: each session will include lectures, as well as in-class practices, references reviews and group discussion. Materials (readings, documentaries, etc.) will be assigned and provided between sessions, and additional practices and resources will be suggested for students to explore on their own time. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to initiate a project during the workshop, or use the space to develop an ongoing project, for this we will offer an optional 30-minute individual session (at a time to be agreed with each participant) to give our feedback.

The proposal responds to the purpose of our organization to create and publish stories that restore our sense of connection and belonging to the Earth. In this workshop we seek to tell stories 'with' nature, recognizing ourselves as participants in the trajectories and subjectivities of other beings, exploring through that relationship our own subjective experience of the world.   In Wimblu we have more than 12 years of experience in the field of documentary and research, and we have more than five years of focusing our own practice on topics related to ecology and spirituality. Through our magazine we have had the opportunity to collaborate closely with more than 50 authors around the world whose work also explores these intersections. In this workshop we synthesize what we have learned over the years to explore creative documentary as a process in which our inner and outer landscapes connect.



Duration: 6 sessions of 2hrs

Dates: Saturdays May 25 and June 1,8,15,22 and 29. From 9am to 11am (Costa Rica Time)

Platform: Zoom

Investment: Sliding scale fee from USD$150 to USD$250 (Choose an amount according to your means) + 2% VAT

Investment for members of our Patreon community: USD$130 + 2% de IVA

Registration Deadline: May 11, 2024

Space available: 20 (places will be filled in order of registration)





If you would like to receive more information about the workshop or have any questions you can write to us at




If you feel that this workshop resonates with you, but you don't have the financial means to fully cover the costs, we invite you to apply for a scholarship (full or partial), on this link, also we will give a special price to those who are already members of our Patreon community comunidad en Patreon or join from May onwards.


In Wimblu, we believe in the power of stories to reimagine a fair and healthy world for all life forms.

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