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03 March, 2023

In order to continue cultivating spaces for reflection and interaction, Wimblu launches its Patreon community: a space to stay in touch with its community and offer them different opportunities to further explore the stories, the themes that run through them and the ways in which they invite us to relate to our own inner and outer worlds.

Patreon is a platform that provides tools for content creators to make their creative work sustainable by charging subscriptions. Thus the content shared through this platform is exclusive to the people who are subscribed (or patrons). Wimblu has created three subscription levels: Valley, River and Mountain which include the same benefits, which means that subscribers can have access to all of them starting at $3 per month.

Some of the perks that will be shared in this space are:

* Inside the Stories: meetings to dive deep into the stories of our magazine.
* Workshops exclusively for the Patreon community.
* Reading recommendations, documentaries and others.
* Recordings of Meet the Authors events of our magazine.
* Transcripts of podcast episodes
* Access to processes and the 'behind the scenes' of our projects.
* Discounts on workshops that take place outside of Patreon.
* Wallpapers: our photographs for you to use for personal purposes.
* Live Time QA - questions for Wimblu
* Infographics

By joining this community you will be helping to sustain Wimblu's work in the long term, to take its stories further, to keep the magazine's content free and accessible to all, and to expand spaces for reflection, conversation and education about the ecological crisis and the ways in which we can heal our relationship with the Earth.

Join and support us in this new space!
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In Wimblu, we believe in the power of stories to reimagine a fair and healthy world for all life forms.

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