New Volume, new focus & new home

July 23rd, 2020

Wimblu was born 10 years ago, towards the end of our photography studies, when, interested in documentary and social and environmental causes, we decided to join forces to tell stories around these topics. Although at that moment we didn’t know exactly how, we knew we wanted to connect with our environment in the most direct way possible, and we knew we wanted to tell the myriad stories our world holds.


Our first years saw us through many paths, we collaborated with different organizations and we did several independent projects. Our way of working took many shapes, but the project lacked a clear direction. This is why, in 2017 we relaunched Wimblu, this time focused on creating a digital platform to tell our stories and also to share the space with other authors to advance creative documentary in the region. We then started to publish one story every month and a half, approximately, closing the volume at the end of each year.


We soon realized that both as producers and editors, we were always attracted to topics related to ecology, and we noticed that there were very few spaces focused in dealing with these topics from a more affective, artistic and spiritual sensitivity. Therefore, in 2020, amid the planetary crisis we are living through, Wimblu found the mission for which it was born: to tell stories that reconnect ecology, culture, justice and spirituality in order to restore our sense of belonging and connection to the planet.


We also decided to change the format to give each volume more coherence and strength. So with this new launch, we will begin to publish a volume every four months, curating its stories around a specific concept. On this occasion, our third volume revolves around the topic Reconnect. The stories in this volume explore relationships that have been severed or damaged, and offer possibilities to reconnect them. Whether it is with a landscape, with our own bodies, with our ancestors, with history, or even with beings we cannot see, this volume claims the connections that sustain and give meaning to our existence.


In order to transcend technical and short-term solutions for the environmental crisis, we need a true change of vision. We need values, perspectives and cosmovisions that give the world its sacred aspect back, and that remind us that we, human beings, are nature too. For all of this, stories have always been essential. This is why, at Wimblu, today more than ever, we believe in the power of stories to reimagine a fair and healthy world for all life forms.




With love,

Alessandra, Carolina & Pablo.


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