Volume 4 is here: Death & Grief

November 21st, 2020

Today we launch Wimblu’s new volume, this makes it the second volume of the year published in the midst of the pandemic, which makes us reflect on our position as content creators and the many difficulties that it represents to sustain an independent project like this, but at the same time it puts in perspective that we can move forward in the face of the adversities that our times impose on us, both professionally and personally.


In Volume 4, through 8 stories by different authors, and on multiple formats, we explore death and the grief of loss, opening spaces to recognize the experiences that make us so vulnerable in life. As metaphor and matter, and on personal and planetary scales, death traverses these stories to question the duality between being alive and dead, and to invite us to embrace the thin threshold in which we actually exist.


This year has put us face to face with a global pandemic and has made us, wether we like it or not, experience death and grief in different ways and from different perspectives. Our intention with this volume is to stop and reflect about these two very particular elements of our existence: death, inescapable and inexplicable, and grief, both intimate and universal. Hopefully then, we'll be able to close this year and start the next one, recognizing the circularity of life.


The realization of this volume is possible thanks to the support of the 8 authors from different parts of the world who tell us stories that take place in 6 different countries: Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Scotland, the United States and Japan. We also want to thank our readers, donors and creative friends who in one way or another show us their support.


Remember that you can always send us your comments, suggestions and / or questions to our email (


We hope you enjoy the volume.


With love,
Alessandra, Carolina & Pablo.


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