Meet The Authors - VOL.3

September 27th, 2020

One of our main purposes with our magazine is to build a community with which we can start relevant conversations in the context of the planetary crisis we are going through. This is why we want to use our stories as a starting point to create spaces open to the public, where we can come together and develop the necessary sensitivity to reconnect with our planet.


Join us next week for our encounters with authors to talk about ecology, culture, justice, spirituality, art, and much more. Hanna Laura Kaljo and Fernando Chaves will speak to us about the reciprocity between landscapes, bodies and psyches and the way in which this manifests in creative documentary practices; Pablo Franceschi and Morena Pérez will tell us about their experience in 20 Fotógrafos and their encounter with the mystical Atitlán Lake; and finally, Carolina Bello co-author of Necessary Encounters and Alonso Briceño, Río Urbano Director will talk about the importance of river’s emotional geographies and how we can claim our relationship with them.


The meetings will take place on Zoom. Register on each event here:


1- Of Tongues In Shaded Streams / A Landscape That Speaks With Hanna Laura Kaljo & Fernando Chaves Tuesday, September 29th. 7pm (Estonia) / 10am (Costa Rica) REGISTER


2- QA TEE Y A’ - With Morena Pérez, Pablo Franceschi, Charlotte Schmitz & Manuel Chavajay - Wednesday, September 30th. 7pm (Estonia) / 10am (Costa Rica) REGISTER


3- Necessary Encounters - With Carolina Bello May & Alonso Briceño (Río Urbano) - Friday, October 2nd. 7pm (Estonia) / 10am (Costa Rica) REGISTER


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