August 31st 2020

This year forced us to face death. It confronted us with planetary collapse as never before. In general, the anthropocene, the geological era we are going through, has been marked by massive extinctions, by the extermination of ecosystems and by landscapes that have reached their tipping point. Yet, even with death so close to us, in the western world we seem unable to face it and we use all kinds of strategies to deny or minimize it. By not facing death and the pain it carries, we ignore a living world being annihilated before our eyes. 


With this volume we want to open a space to honor death,a natural process of life’s cycle; but that at the same time, right now is being induced at unprecedented speed. It is a volume to speak about death in all its light and darkness, to recognize it, process it and confront it. To learn to distinguish between death that is part of life, and that which is unnecessary and violent.


Honoring death means restoring its value back within the cycle of life, coexisting again with our ancestors, expanding the possibilities of grief beyond human life. This volume will seek to re-establish harmony between life and death.




Wimblu creates and publishes stories that reconnect ecology and nature in order to restore our sense of belonging and connection to our planet. We are looking for stories that have an author's vision and that link nature, spirituality, art, justice and more—in this case, with the volume’s theme: Death and Grief.



We accept proposals on any multimedia format (text, short films, video, photography, animation, hybrids).



Our focus is on creative documentary, but we are open to all kinds of narratives that fit the call.


Who can apply? 

Authors of any age, nationality, gender, ethnicity or race.




Send us an email to with your proposal, including:


- Short text (max. 500 words) presenting the project and explaining how it connects to the call and to Wimblu’s approach.


- Attachments or links to the project (if it is an ongoing or finished project).


- Brief author description and portfolio or links to past works.



Deadline: September 15th 2020


*Full disclosure: Unfortunately, at the moment we are unable to remunerate authors for their publications. By sending your proposals, you agree that this is a voluntary collaboration. 


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