Wimblu creates stories that reconnect ecology and culture in order to restore our sense of belonging and connection to our planet.

Amid the planetary crisis we are living through, there are very few spaces to look beyond immediate problems and technical fixes. The urgency overwhelms us and this limits our possibilities to reflect and act upon the deeper cause of the crisis: we have forgotten that human beings are nature too. This is why we create stories that offer a pause, from which we can re-imagine and build a fair and healthy world for all life forms.



Independent multimedia content produced in-house or in collaboration with other authors.


Independent documentaries, assignments and content for brands and organizations.


Workshops, conferences, exhibits, projections and other live experiences.

Who are we?

carolina bello

Multimedia producer.

Co-founder, editor and art director

alessandra baltodano

Documentary Photographer & Filmmaker 

Co-founder, editor and content director

pablo franceschi

Photographer and audiovisual producer.

Co-founder, editor and communication director

 Wimblu is the Bribri name for one of the two souls that, according to this culture, inhabits our body. When we die, Wikol, the right eye’s soul, travels to the underworld. Wimblu, the left eye’s soul, remains among the bones in the living world. Inspired by this cosmovision, our initiative was born deeply attached to this world and the life it sustains. 

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