Collaboration is one of Wimblu’s basis, this is a space open to the participation of other authors that share our sense of curiosity and exploration on topics like ecology, spirituality, justice and culture.

About Us

Wimblu creates and publishes stories that reconnect ecology and nature in order to restore our sense of belonging and connection to our planet.

The narrative around our planetary crisis has been dominated by imaginaries of imminent catastrophe, apocalyptic futures or technological salvation; leaving us with very little space to pause and reflect on the deeper, existential and spiritual causes of the crisis.

Even well-intentioned narratives, on many occasions, ascribe to the dominant aesthetic of fast, easy-to-digest and visually appealing content. We believe that this in itself has disrupted our capacity for attention, presence, reflection and a corporeal connection with our inner and outer worlds. 

Therefore, we believe that in order to re-establish a relationship of reciprocity and reverence towards the more-than-human places and communities that sustain us, it is necessary to address both the content and the form of the narrative.

To this end, we harness the power of creative documentary to address the existential, affective and spiritual dimensions that underlie our current planetary crisis. Our content seeks to restore our sense of attention, connection and reverence for our inner and outer landscapes, and from there, reimagine a fair and healthy world for all life forms.


Wimblu is directed to an environmentally and socially conscious audience, seeking to deepen their relationship with their outer and inner worlds. These are people who appreciate the art of slowing down and reflecting, who want to connect on an emotional, spiritual and corporeal level with their environment, and who seek a community with which to imagine and co-create true transformations that cultivate relationships of reciprocity and reverence with our planet.

At Wimblu we seek for our content to contribute to:

  • Restore a sense of attention and reverence for our inner and outer worlds.
  • Deepen the understanding of the interconnection and continuities between our inner and outer landscapes.
  • Reflect on the intersections between the ecological, cultural, justice, and spiritual dimensions of our planetary crisis.
  • Reclaim intelligences, sensibilities, cosmovisions and experiences that offer diverse, sensorial, embodied ways to belong and connect to our planet.
  • Recognize the animacy of our world.
  • Hold space for diverse narratives, aesthetics and cosmovisions.
  • Move beyond reductionist, short-term solutions towards systemic and conscious transformations.


We publish all types of multimedia formats: photo-essays, poems, texts, short and feature films, animations, and a mix of one or more of these formats.

Below is a guide to submitting materials::


  • Amount of photos: 10-15 (sent through dropbox, wetransfer or google drive).
  • Name files in the following way: YourLastName_NameOfTheProject (In case the project’s name is too long, you can always use just a part of it).
  • Dimensions: 12 inches on its longer side
  • Resolution: 300 dpi. 5mb maximum.
  • Captions: photos must have captions as metadata, both in English and Spanish.
  • Metadata: make sure your files include author, description, place, date and copyright notice.


  • The video file must be sent via dropbox, wetransfer or google drive; or its link on Vimeo or Youtube.
  • If you are sending the file, it should be named as follows: AuthorLastName_ProjectName 
  • Minimum resolution: 1080p.
  • Codec: h264
  • Format: .mov; .mp4
  • Maximum file weight: 2GB

*IMPORTANT: In both cases images must come without any watermark, logo, etc. All corresponding credits must come in a separate document and will be included in the publication.


  • Text must be shared as an editable document such as word, or google doc.
  • We do not have a set length for texts.
  • Name the file in the following way: YourLastName_Title
  • Document must include: Title, full name of the author.
  • It is important for each project to have a strong author vision, but at the same time you must come with an open mind and ready to receive our editing suggestions.
  • At Wimblu we use intimate, personal and informal (non-academic) language that is accessible to the general public. Ideally, citations from other authors or references will be incorporated in the text; but footnotes can be included if necessary.
  • It can be in Spanish or English, and we will take care of the corresponding translation.

Author information

All submissions must be accompanied by:

  • Author's bio with a maximum of 300 characters.
  • Photograph of the author (if for any reason the author prefers to remain anonymous, he/she can let us know and send an alternative image).
  • Contact e-mail address.
  • Link to website, Facebook and Instagram profiles in case you have them.
  • Additional credits: in case the work should attribute credits to other people, please include their full name and the role they should be credited with.


By submitting your work, you guarantee that you hold the rights to the work and, if the entry is selected, by accepting publication you grant Wimblu non-exclusive rights to publish the submitted work, along with your biography and photograph, in digital and print format. 

We also request the right to include quotes and excerpts from the work in print and digital promotional materials (including, but not limited to, items such as stickers, postcards, tote bags, digital downloads and others); as well as the rights to publish the recording of any event in which you participate as an author on Wimblu. 

You will always retain the copyright of the work.

A detailed agreement will be sent for your approval prior to publication. 


We will have the possibility to give a modest honorarium to the authors of those works produced exclusively for our magazine. 

If you would like to offer this honorarium or part of it to support the magazine, please let us know. We will receive your support with gratitude and love. <3

Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking for non-fiction stories that have a strong author’s vision and that connect themes such as ecology, spirituality, art, justice and the theme of each volume.

Anyone, of any age, nationality, gender or ethnicity.

Fill this form to participate in our call.

Very important! At Wimblu we give a lot of value to the text. Even in the case of audiovisual proposals, it is very important for us that authors show the ability to express the concepts that support their work in writing. In addition, we are very interested in clearly understanding how the author links his/her work with our approach in Wimblu and with the theme of our volumes.

The genre of non-fiction or documentary is very broad, however at Wimblu we focus on the creative or auteur documentary, which is a type of non-fiction that, while based on real stories, also takes creative and experimental liberties to explore reality from a more imaginative, sensory and/or poetic perspective. In this sense, at Wimblu we seek a kind of non-fiction that incorporates imaginative, speculative, artistic and personal elements of each author.

The short answer is yes: Wimblu focuses on the relationship between humans and all other forms of life and materiality on the planet. However, we take an intersectional view that understands that those relationships are connected to issues of justice, culture, spirituality and more. In fact, we hope that each story connects one or more of these themes. 

Yes, we accept in-progress projects that already have a solid conceptual foundation and offer our guidance during the development and completion process.
However, submitting incomplete proposals implies a commitment to submit progress and finalize the proposal in time for our publication.

Yes, and we love this part of the process. Editing is one of our passions. However, we are very respectful of each author's vision and hope that submissions come with a solid and clear preliminary edit. 

Wimblu is a bilingual magazine and we handle 100% of the translation into both English and Spanish. 

Normally our volumes are composed of 8 stories.

Yes, as many as you want. Is free!

Open Call

Volume 8
Topic: Desire

Deadline: September 16th, 2023

More info here


In Wimblu, we believe in the power of stories to reimagine a fair and healthy world for all life forms.

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