We want our stories to become shelters for conversation and reflection on the relationship with our inner and outer worlds.

To this purpose we design and facilitate experiences that allow us to build a community with which to imagine a fair and healthy world for all life forms.

If you would like to organize an experience with us, please contact us at upe@wimblu.com.

Upcoming Experiences

New date for Ciudad Viva: Walk + Storytelling

We opened a new date in October for Ciudad Viva, a naturalist-guided hike in an urban forest in San José, Costa Rica.

Online Workshop: Nature Telling Stories

The workshop Nature Telling Stories is an original proposal from Wimblu focused on creative documentary and spiritual ecology. Where we will offer spaces, exercises and tools to...

Experiences we offer:


Virtual and in-person for people of all ages.


We offer conferences to universities, companies and other organizations.


Our stories in movie theaters and other venues.


We create spaces for dialogue between authors, researchers and others.


We curate and organize exhibitions of our stories.


Some stories are available to other facilitators for educational purposes.


In Wimblu, we believe in the power of stories to reimagine a fair and healthy world for all life forms.

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