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The stories we tell about our world and how we tell them matters. With our magazine we seek to create stories that redefine our relationship with the planet, with other beings and with ourselves. 
However, producing independent stories is not easy in our context. Much of the work we do is voluntary and non-profit. We do it because we believe in the importance of creating safe spaces where we can think carefully about the existential and spiritual dimensions of the planetary crisis.
Your support allows us to continue creating and sharing creative, independent and powerful documentaries that transform our relationship with the planet.
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  • If you believe that the environmental crisis is linked to a spiritual and ethical crisis regarding our relationship with the planet.
  • If you are convinced that art and storytelling have an important role to play in our current context.
  • If you want to support writers, photographers, filmmakers, artists and other talented authors.
  • If, in the midst of the planetary crisis we live in, you believe that there are few spaces to go beyond immediate problems and technical solutions.

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