Vol. 8


The stories in this edition resignify desire as a force that drives us toward connection and transformation, and recognize this force in a wide variety of manifestations—the flowing of rivers, volcanic eruptions, the pull of gravity, pleasure, sensibility, nostalgia, the inner search. Thus, this volume is an invitation to approach our own and others' desires with curiosity, and to allow their energy and creativity to guide us toward that which truly connects us to life. 
Illustration for Nashwa al 3obur. Volume 8 Wimblu Magazine
Nashwat al 3obour
By Karmit Even Zur
The pleasure of crossing.
Ilustración para Volumen 8 de Wimblu
Ode to
by Soledad Barruti
An invitation to let ourselves be deeply affected by life.
Cortometraje / Shortfilm
The Slow Path Home
By Hõbe Ilus
A filmmaker's desire to make peace with the place she once called home.
Katia Krafft wearing aluminized suit standing near lava burst at Krafla Volcano, Iceland. (Credit: Image'Est)
Can Volcanoes Love?
By Fernando Chaves Espinach
A close look into Fire of Love.
V8N5-Universo de Posibilidades-Homepage
A Universe of Possibilities
With astrophysicist Nelson Padilla
The space between what is and what could be.
A la espera
A Wimblu production
About raptors, cycles and hope in a changing landscape.
Paradise (hooks)
By Emiliano Zúñiga Hernández
An exploration of that which shines and guides us.
Ilustración para Volumen 8 Revista wimblu
N.8 - TEXT
Longing of the Migrant Waters
by Hanna Laura Kaljo
On desire, movement and belonging.

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December, 2023
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Online Workshop: Nature Telling Stories

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